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Same same but with a bit of casual racism

Didn't enjoy it that much, I'm afraid - the graphics get blocky (probably not your fault - just the result of Flash handling bitmap scaling/rotation badly.

I didn't like how it would stop the game for a pickup or new boss - it broke up the rhythm..

I dunno, I guess there's a lot of games like this out there, and while there's nothing seriously wrong with this (and I liked the soundtrack), there's nothing too new here.


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Good times

Ikaruga is one of my favourite games...

This lacks Ikaruga's complexity, but in the end is no worse for it. The simplistic graphics really somehow make get you into a simple thought process, so you're just flying around like crazy trying to dodge bullets and bugs and see what stupid boss is next...

Why the hell would Voltron be unable to fight back? And I assumed the Final boss of the internet would be Charlie SHeen, actually...

Mad fun!

Crazy, violent, and colourful! I was really shocked by the intro, but I liked that it added something NEW to the Jeebus character, rather than just redoing all the Krinkel stuff.

It's not quite metal slug, and it's not quite Contra, but it's still a lot of fun.

Shame it's a bit short, but as a contest entry, it's great.

It's as much like Fancy Pants as Sonic...

Whatever anyone thinks, I like this game - the music's great, and the graphics are really special. I really like it.

Sometimes it can get really hard, though - the level where the sun goes down is pretty difficult...

I can't wait for Fancy Pants 3, either! :)

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Wolves are my favourite

I had to go download Sonic again after playing this! When's the sequel coming out?

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